Since 2013

Welcome to Becan Gardens And Suites Ltd. Thank you for choosing us as your home in lagos. We have extended our hospitality to lots of guests since 2013. Our hallmarks have always been Warmth, Hygiene, Tidiness and Friendliness. We have great lodging facilities to suit your taste. A restaurant, Event halls, Club, Business centre/cybercafe, Gym and an outdoor bar. Take your time to look through what we have to offer.


1. Our Vision
To care for our customers and solve their needs through the optimum level of friendly customer service and quality products while maximizing staff potentials and development in a more constructive, clean and healthy atmosphere, using efficient and profitable means and to share with domestic and international various aspects of Nigerian life in a manner that enhances both holiday expectations and cultural curiosity. We aim to provide a quality experience which will lead to warm and memorable experience for both visitors and host. Year after year, Becan Gardens And Suites Ltd and it's people will be regarded as the best and most sought after Hotel and Suites in Nigeria and West Africa
2. Our Mission
Our mission amongst other things includes: To meet the needs of our valuable guests with excellent service delivery within the limits of our environmental resources, to a very wide spectrum of the public and tourists. • To be and to be seen to be, the best Hotel home stays that Ejigbo and the entire oshodi/Isolo has to offer. • To offer Ejigbo and it’s environs holiday base that is informative, relaxing, friendly and memorable. • To assist our valued guests with Airport pickups and local information of the area. • To ensure our guests have the most comfortable reservation/accommodation possible. • To add value to the tourism and hospitality industry through the highest standards of excellence as business professionals. Becan Gardens And Suites Ltd is committed to playing a leading role in opening up hospitality opportunities and strengthen the Nigerian economy as a major contribution to employment creation, small business development, income and foreign earnings.